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audio 01:30 The Top of the Glade

The Top of the Glade

The weather has provided an opportunity for winter walks to places we often do not easily get to this time of year, including visiting the top of the Glade and the back country ski trails down the front of the mountain. It is so peaceful and rejuvenating.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 01/09/2021 06:00 AM

audio 01:23 A Quilted Sky

A Quilted Sky

The sky looked as if it was filled with tiny pillows, creating an interesting texture that reminded me of a quilt. I was also reminded that the sky is always different; exhibiting different textures and colors, and that reminded me of life itself.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 01/08/2021 06:00 AM

audio 01:36 A Snowy Walk Through the Tunnel

A Snowy Walk Through the Tunnel

With only a few inches of snow on the ground and a light coating on the pine branches overhead, I walked through the tunnel into a world full of hope and dreams as I journey to the far reaches of the Cosmos. I came back refreshed.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 01/07/2021 06:00 AM

audio 01:32 A Visit to the Cabin

A Visit to the Cabin

Usually by now the ground on the mountain is covered by enough snow to prevent me from driving the truck up to the Cabin. So far this year I am still able to make an afternoon visit for a hike in Nature. Any day that could change.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 01/06/2021 06:00 AM

audio 01:45 Waiting for a Message

Waiting for a Message

The mail box, covered in snow, waits patiently at the Cabin for a delivery that, because it is far away from the mail service, will not happen. Actually, messages are received there in the form of signs.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 01/05/2021 06:00 AM

audio 01:12 Another Heart

Another Heart

Just before the snows of winter I discovered another heart-shaped rock in a stone wall. I knew that I was being reminded of the importance of power of heart-based loving energy filled with positive intentions. I love finding hearts.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 01/04/2021 06:00 AM

audio 01:33 Winter Has Returned

Winter Has Returned

And just like that, Nature painted the landscape overnight with a fresh coating of white. Winter has returned with a fresh opportunity to discover outdoor adventures as well as those that begin in our minds.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 01/03/2021 06:00 AM

audio 01:44 Hope Springs Eternal

Hope Springs Eternal

As we start our journey in this New Year, Nature has reminded me of the positive signs that it provides on our walks. Recently on a section of land we do not visit very often my wife discovered what appears to be a spring. Hope does spring eternal for 202

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 01/02/2021 06:00 AM