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audio 01:01 Hiding in the Shadows

Hiding in the Shadows

On a warm spring day we hiked to the Lupine Field, enjoying the recently exposed bare ground. Still, hiding in the shadows the last remnants of snow lingered. I smiled and knew that they too would soon disappear.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 04/26/2018 06:00 AM

audio 01:31 Pussy Willows in Bloom

Pussy Willows in Bloom

Finally spring has sprung. It has been well worth the wait, and when I discovered the pussy willows in bloom, my heart was filled with gratitude for the season at hand. Nature gives us something to discover every day.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 04/25/2018 06:00 AM

audio 02:01 When There is no Bridge

When There is no Bridge

I saw a small ferry carrying cars across the river at a place where the road ended, and there was no bridge. I thought back to a time when there were no bridges and realized that resourceful people always find a way to bridge the gaps.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 04/24/2018 06:00 AM

audio 01:11 A Long Awaited Sight

A Long Awaited Sight

Finally, our small crocuses have blossomed. It is a long-awaited sight that I have been looking forward to all winter. I am grateful these tiny plants bloom against all odds, but I knew their blooms would again brighten the world.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 04/23/2018 06:00 AM

audio 01:33 Spring in Passau

Spring in Passau

We recently visited spring a few weeks before it will arrive here in the valley. It was a beautiful day as we walked along the banks of the INN River. Regardless of the season, life always provides us with something to discover.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 04/22/2018 06:00 AM

audio 01:28 Hope for Spring Anew

Hope for Spring Anew

The struggle between pessimism and optimism may finally be over for the moment. Spring seems to be here. That is my hope. Regardless of the season, we always have a choice of how we view life.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 04/21/2018 06:00 AM

audio 01:43 Cleaning House

Cleaning House

It is spring cleaning time. Many people are getting ready to open windows and bring in fresh air, as well as clearing away the clutter of the winter. Our son cleaned out the bird houses in the Lupine Field and they are ready for the summer.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 04/20/2018 05:00 AM

audio 01:20 Spring Setbacks

Spring Setbacks

Even though the recent snows may be considered a setback to spring, there is an old belief that spring snows are poor men’s fertilizer. Setbacks in life may be a way of creating new resolve and new potentials. It may take time to understand.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 04/19/2018 06:00 AM