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audio 00:34 Taking it All In

Taking it All In

The summer afternoon was filled with magic as I sat on the bench at the top of the Lupine Field. The clouds drifted by as I watched swallows plucking insects out of the air to feed their young. I felt renewed as I began my journey back.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 06/29/2018 06:00 AM

audio 02:06 From Nut to Tree

From Nut to Tree

The acorn fell from an oak tree last fall and over the winter split open and rooted in the soft spring soil. Now a miniature tree has emerged that over time may become a giant in the forest. When we sow positivity, we are like an oak tree.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 06/28/2018 06:00 AM

audio 01:26 Dessert is Ready

Dessert is Ready

Nature has set the table and the wild strawberries are ready to enjoy. They are a sweet treat for both man and birds and animals in the wild. All one needs to do is bend over and pick. Nature provides so much nourishment for our souls.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 06/27/2018 06:00 AM

audio 02:00 Hiding Behind a Leaf

Hiding Behind a Leaf

I caught a glimpse of brown movement in the lower Lupine Field close to the woods. It was a rabbit munching on the grass. I took a picture as it hid behind a leaf. I felt very grateful that nature shared this special moment with me.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 06/26/2018 06:16 AM

audio 01:11 The Foxes are Back

The Foxes are Back

I discovered the first Fox Glove of the season, not yet full with flowers. It was a sign of more beauty to unfold on the landscape that I so enjoy. It is with gratitude I attempt to reflect to others the joys of connecting with Nature.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 06/25/2018 06:00 AM

audio 01:32 Another Summer Beauty is Back

Another Summer Beauty is Back

Another summer beauty has returned to grace the landscape. The Cone Flowers pop up here and there and are a delight to focus on for a moment or two. I wonder how many people pass by the beauty that surrounds us.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 06/24/2018 06:00 AM

audio 01:20 Blackberry Blooms

Blackberry Blooms

The small white delicate flowers on the blackberry and raspberry vines are easy to overlook with all the other blossoms vying for pollinators’ attention. Still, they are a very important part of Nature as food for birds, animals, and the soul.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 06/23/2018 06:00 AM

audio 01:42 Family Portrait

Family Portrait

I wanted to put together a family portrait of the columbines I have been enjoying this year, so I choice individual photos to group together. Just like human families that look more or less alike, each flower is unique and different.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 06/22/2018 06:00 AM